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Foreword from Caurette Editions

#hardcover is a crazy project launched on Kickstarter. On the initiative of Spiridon Giannakis, you will discover that the project was not easy to manage, thanks to our dear Kickstarter… but no spoil!

Here is the link!

The only word given to the artists was : No Limits ! (okay, two words). So be warned: this book isn’t for cold foot… Hang on ’cause it’s gonna be Rock’n Roll!

Spiridon Giannakis

Spiridon Giannakis


The aggressive rejection of any nude artwork (and specifically the female nipples) on social media has influenced creators to the extent that many artists now avoid working with nudity altogether. Posted uncensored, their work has led to blocked profiles, deleted images, and platform bans, creating an industry stigma around the subject that artists are now cautioned to avoid.

#hardcover is taking a stand; publishing explicit artwork created by established professionals who believe in the freedom to explore our sexuality and humanity through art. With artists like KIM Jung Gi, Sara PICHELLI, Bastien LECOUFFE DEHARME, Daniela UHLIG, Belén ORTEGA, Even MEHL AMUNDSEN, Gerald PAREL, Jana SCHIRMER and many many more, this book promises to be one of a kind.

Even here on Kickstarter, promoting a book celebrating sexuality and the human form, we cannot show you the beautiful art contained within. Check out the edited previews and let your imagination complete the picture, for now…


Most of the artists contributing to #hardcover haven’t published any adult art until taking part in this project, which makes this volume an exclusive window into their intimate thoughts. We wanted the artists to be free to create any content without boundaries, so the book contains expressions of all sexualities – and we wouldn’t want it any other way. The book will be bound as a black hardcover (duh!) and have at least 100 pages of content.

When the campaign launches we will have a final number, but we already have the work of 100 artists from the final curation. The cover will feature a copper-foil logo, now we achieve our stretch goal we will be applying a more elaborate embossing featuring a motif taken from the artist Nekro’s contribution to the book.


This is a project that was built together with a lot of democratic decisions, pushing the limits of everyone’s creativity, even outside the creation of the works themselves. As such, every artist will be compensated with a part of the profit. We want to be clear that by supporting this project you are also directly supporting the artists. As the publisher of artists like KIM Jung Gi, Karl KOPINSKI, Jesper EJSING, Claire WENDLING and a lot more, Éditions Caurette has a wealth of experience in fulfilling books like this and making sure they arrive safely at every backer’s home.


For those who participate to the Kickstarter, goodies are waiting for you!

Merci à tous et à toutes d’avoir lu tout ça ! #hardcover a vu le jour grâce à vous !



We made it, thanks to you ! 🙂