Do you like horror and fantasy? Here is both!

Björn Hurri’s Abominations features 224 pages of… abominations! We can pretend these creatures are merely designs, sketches, ideas and illustrations, but the truth is, they are nightmares on paper!

Björn Hurri is an award-winning concept artist and art director, originally from Sweden, now living in Latvia. He has been an art teacher since 2008 and taught a highly popular character design class at CG Master Academy. Björn also participates in numerous workshops and events world wide, sharing his vast knowledge and experience with an eager audience.

And in addition, he has cultivated a community under the banner of 30min Warmup, where he  teaches his techniques and approach to his ever growing fan base.

Photo du livre Abominations de Bjorn Hurri, un artbook de fantasy noire et d'horreur.

About the book

Abominations is printed in Europe on Munken Arctic Paper 150g in order to have the most beautiful colours and best contrasts to present Björn Hurri’s work at its very best.

Thanks to the very successful crowdfunding campaign, Abominations has 24 bonus pages giving us a thrilling 248 pages of pure fantastic creation!

With its hard cover, hot stamped, debossed title and sturdy satin ribbon marker, Abominations is a must-have!

L'observateur de la nuit, dans Abominations de Bjorn Hurri.
L'elemental wizard
La femme-démon dans Abominations de Bjorn Hurri, un artbook de fantasy noire et d'horreur.
Quatres créatures de la nuit, conçus par l


248 pages

210 x 210 cm


Language: English

ISBN : 9791096315970

Publishing date: October 6th 2021