Cool Girls

Jérémie Fleury

Cool, but that’s not all!

Cool Girls is Jérémie Fleury’s First artbook. The “Cool Girls” pictured in this book are bikers, warriors, pin-ups, mermaids or superheroes, but they are always classy. They are holding hundreds of stories waiting to be imagined by the readers.

The variety of beautiful ladies introduced in this book allow us to find back all the drawings the author published online for years, as well as numerous unpublished drawings.

With a foreword by Dean Yeagle!

« As a cartoonist myself, I’m always on the lookout for artists whose work engages, delights and inspires me. I’ve spent most of my career in animation, but most recently I’ve contributed cartoons to Playboy Magazine, and my work has become focused on ‘pinups’, of a cartoon variety. I’m always delighted to find an artist whose work I had not been aware of before; work which has style, humor, and personality to it. So I was happy to be introduced to the work of Jérémie Fleury, and to write this preface for this lovely book. […] »

If you have no idea of who Dean Yeagle is… Well, first, shame on you, you’re really missing something! Then, as we are nice guys, we will still introduce you to the man. Dean Yeagle American cartoonist and animator, known for his character Mandy, which has appeared in the pages of Playboy magazine. He also co-created with Nancy Beilman the Caged Beagle Production, Inc., an animation studios company. Dean Yeagle produced, directed, designed and animated innumerable commercials for clients who came all over the world!

Jérémie Fleury is a French versatile illustrator and concept-artist, who has become well-known with the children’s book series Azuro  (now being adapted for TV), his covers and illustrations for novels, and his works for board games.



About 200 pages

 Full Color


Dimensions : 19 x 25.5 cm

Distribution Glénat

ISBN : 979-10-96315-25-3

Price:  22€

For adults only


You can now find the book on Liber Distri and in your favorite Bookstore! 🙂