Fuelstains – Nikolay Georgiev



Tangible evidence of Nikolay Georgiev’s macabre imagination, online on Kickstarter!

At Caurette Editions, we are eagerly preparing FUELSTAINS, a unique art book coming straight from the mind and pens of Nikolay Georgiev. This project is the subject of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign running from May 31st, to June 30, 2024.

A memorable voyage to the gruesome, ghastly and grotesque!

Fascinated by the macabre and unearthly? Yearn to be a better Mech artist?

Nikolay ‘Fuelstains’ Georgiev’s excellent structural understanding of mechanics and meticulous understanding of human anatomy enable him to expertly deliver his imagination to his viewers. Perfectly!


Nikolay Georgiev

Nikolay Georgiev is a digital and traditional artist, born and raised in the southern town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. From a young age, he clearly presented a strong interest in imaginative art, fantastical worlds, comics, animation, pop culture and so on. He would draw on walls, and blame it on ghosts when caught, watch TMNT and Transformers cartoons on TV, look at superhero comics and play with action figures, all of which would leave a strong impression during childhood.

Concept art, games, and the artistic community surrounding those proved to be an amazing source of inspiration and motivation, leading to a deep dive into digital painting, concept design, and illustration. Later on, these same artistic communities and fields of art rekindled Nikolay’s passion for traditional drawing and sketching. This led to purposeful illustrating, and combined with the passion for sci-fi and robots gave birth to Fuelstains.

Meeting with the SuperAni team in 2018, and watching Kim Jung Gi draw served as a huge boost of motivation and inspiration to Nikolay. That event, and joining SuperAni in 2019 could be easily marked as the two events that led to the conception of this book.


Nikolay Georgiev’s Fuelstains, a mindbending exercise in drawing from the imagination!

Once you have been absorbed and charmed by Nikolay’s detailed mechanical drawings and eerie spectres, you will quickly realise you are witness to a mere glimpse of a vast universe. The book will contain more than 320 pages, divided into six chapters :

• Inhuman – Monsters, aliens, creatures, mutants, demons
• Biomech – Relationship between organic and mechanical
• Tech – Technology, science fiction, mechanics and most importantly, robotics
• A twenty page Mech tutorial, from initial stages of  abstract ideation to a tangible design
• Pervorsus Mos – Creating a character, both physically and psychologically
• A 100 page Appendix dedicated to the process of developing ideas

Georgiev’s drawings aren’t simply perfect lines and forms. They are the images of things that could exist in another dimension. His drawings are created with the cold reason of intellect, but this is also the very reason why the colour of his drawings is warm, even in gray.

Fuelstains, as an artist, exhibits self-control and restraint, creating exactly what he has in mind as soon as his pen touches the paper. He is an artist who creates a complete maze with consummate accuracy.

Hyun Jin Kim, SuperAni CEO, South Korea


Technical data:

● Hardcover
● 320 pages
● Text: English
● Size: 214 x 280 mm/8.4 x 11 inches
● ISBN: 978-2-38289-138-4
● Price: 49€


The crowdfunding campaign will be starting soon!

This book is dedicated to those around me that have supported and enabled my pursuit of art throughout my life. Without them, I might have never had the chance to become who I am today.
This book I also dedicate to the late Kim Jung Gi, who was sadly lost before this book came out. Jung Gi, you’ve been a primary source of inspiration for me, and your kindness and words of encouragement served as endless motivation for me to draw and develop in the last few years.