About the artist

Hicham Habchi is a Concept Artist and Comic Artist born and raised in Morocco and currently living in Bay Area California. He worked on many well-known IPs such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Borderlands 3, Batman Comics, Spawn Comics, and more… currently working as Principal Concept Artist for Riot Games. He immerses himself in anything that relates to comics and video games, especially the creative and concept development side of them. His artworks touch any kind of works related to arts and creativity and reflect a lot of references to comics, advertising, video games, and urban life.

Image du livre Khat de Hicham Habchi, un artiste marocain passionné de bandes dessinées et de jeux vidéos

About the art book

KHAT, the standard edition, is a hardcover-bound book, close to A4 (214 x 280 mm | 8,4 x 11 inches) and printed on Maestro Print offset paper 150g. The cover will be updated along with the campaign by unlocking stretch goals which add partial spot UV gloss,  and other extras enhancing the book and its page numbers, which currently are at 184 and can be extended through the stretch goals to 200 pages.

Aside from the different cover with a glossy finish, the Premium edition will feature a neon Pantone print of the logo and colored edges of the same neon. The book will also have 16 more pages and we offer a limited amount of books that come with a signed bookplate. This book and its signed edition are exclusively available in this campaign on Kickstarter. There will be no way to commercially get it after its ending. This edition of KHAT will come with a neon-colored slipcase to protect the cover.

Dessin de deux femmes combattantes pour l'artbook Khat.


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Shipping will start in the Spring 2022.