Science and Fiction – Concept Art from Pixoloid Studios

Couverture de Science and Fiction, concept art from Pixoloid studios

What? The Art of WHO?

If you haven’t heard of them before, it’s time to catch up!
These guys deliver artwork to companies like Paramount, Netflix, National Geographic and Sony – to mention just a few –  and if these folks find them cool to work with, you should probably check them out too! Pixoloid is a creative concept design studio led by entertainment industry veterans Mark Molnar and Gaspar Gombos, who are eager to solve any visual problem that’s thrown at them, be it visual development for movies, game cinematic concepts or illustrations for RPGs.

What’s in the BOOK?

Concept Art for Movies

Having worked on more than 18 films and series, the studio has experience in many areas of production – from pitch development to concept art and matte painting.
The selection in the book attempts to give you an overview, showcasing their work in all of these fields, including character and creature design, environments and set design, and keyframe illustrations.

Sci-fi and fantasy illustrations

Working under Mark Molnar – who did illustrations for well-known franchises like Star Wars, Dune, Warhammer and Cthulhu –  the team has been creating artwork for RPGs and card games across all genres (horror, sci-fi, fantasy) for over 3 years.
Fans of Starfinder, Apocrypha and Eclipse Phase will be familiar with a lot of characters in these pages.

Workflow and process insight

Not only do you get 200+ pages worth of inspiring artwork, but there’s a section dedicated to the development of certain pieces from early sketches all the way through to the finished illustrations.
These walkthroughs aim to give you an insight into how they get started after reading a brief, the workflows they might choose for tackling a problem at hand and their approach to working in a team.

Personal Art

With such a versatile team it would be wrong not to show some of the personal works of their artists, and we don’t miss out on this opportunity.
After showing the works of their combined efforts to fulfill client needs, you also get to see what current members of the team do for their own amusement. Learn their strengths and passions – from cyberpunk to fantasy, stylized and abstract or highly rendered.

Contributing artists: Gaspar Gombos, Mark Molnar, David Metzger, Janos Gardos, Zsolt ‘Mike’ Szabados, Orsolya Villanyi, Reka Kovacs


284 pages / A4 – 297 x 210 mm / Hardcover / English / Full color
ISBN: 9791096315338
Price: 25€ (tax incl.)

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