Conquering the Indies…

Loveable rouge Don Pablos of Segovia recounts his adventures in America, at a time when it was still known as The Indies. Wearing rags then riches, being adored then despised, his trials take him from lowly places to high palaces, from the peaks of Cordillera and the meanders of the Amazon to the mythical city of Eldorado!

The original Black and White album in large format!

10 years in planning and 3 years in the making, the illustrator of Blacksad and the author of Garulfo have together to create an exceptional album, that can only be described as a masterpiece.

Éditions Black and White and Éditions Caurette have come together to bring you this magnificent and historically remarkable book!

Discover the original large format version, before colouring, of the graphic novel by Alain Ayroles and Juanjo Guarnido Les Indes fourbes, published in August 2019 by Delcourt.

Exclusive extras

This thick 208 page, 30 x 42 cm book is printed on superb art paper (Fedrigoni and Munken), hardback with matt finish, embossing and cover image. Textile bound with hot stamped title with headband and bookmark.

This beautiful book is shipped in special packaging to ensure it arrives safely at its destination.

And there’s more!

This version contains 160 pages of the album in the original Black and White  before it was coloured by the author (the original boards were grey scanned).

This magnificent publication also includes a 48 page colour section of illustrations, photos, watercolours and unseen original sketches from the book by Juanjo Guarnido, a fascinating exclusive interview with the authors who recount the extraordinary tale behind this album, an exclusive cover and other extras.

We are also pleased to include two exclusive limited edition ink prints, each signed by Juanjo GUARNIDO and Alain AYROLES, and a second 48 page book of the original storyboard by Alain AYROLES!




  • Hardback, matt finish with embossing and raised image: 30 x 42 cm
  • Edition limited to 499 copies, all number and signed by Alain AYROLES and Juanjo GUARNIDO
  • Red canvas spine with hot stamped title, headband and red bookmark
  • Printed as the original Black and White version, before colours were added by the author
  • 56 colour pages of illustrations, previously unseen original board sketches and watercolours by the author as well as a fascinating interview with the authors
  • Printed on superb FEDRIGONI 150g and superior Munken art paper
  • A original limited edition drawing signed by Juanjo GUARNIDO,
  • A original limited edition drawing signed by Alain AYROLES (now that’s rare!!!),
  • ISBN : 979-10-96315-50-5
  • RRP : 289 €


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