BYE 2020 !

What a year!

Virus, lock-downs, closed bookshops…

But we did not give up and we are still here!

The Caurette Team is proud of the beautiful books published in 2020:

Endzone by Cromwell  –  Los Angeles by Sylvain Despretz  –  Kirbysphère by Xavier Fournier  –  Bizarro T02 by Dan Piraro  –  Speedbump T02 by Dave Coverly

Pierre Christin – Le grand rénovateur du récit en bande dessinée with dBD magazine –  Petzi et le cochon volant by Thierry Capezzone – Per Sanderhage – from Hansen  –  La Monographie by Julien Delval  –  Aphos by Andrew Mar  –  Decade by Even Mehl Amundsen

New year, new books!

This week, will be published, in France:

Muse by James Martin on Jan. 06th

BESTiary 1.1 by Armel Gaulme on Jan. 06th



2021 has only started and we are more than ready!

We cannot wait to share our next books with you 🙂

En attendant, stay tuned – and safe !!

L’équipe des Éditions Caurette