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Behind the Pixels 2.0

About the author

Mark has been creating concepts and illustrations for the entertainment industry for 12+ years both as in-house artist and as a freelancer. After living and working across three continents, he moved back to Hungary, where founded Pixoloid Studios. He is currently the Lead Concept Artist and Art Director of the studio and responsible for the pre-production processes of film projects.

His previous film and game credits include the multi-award winning Hellblade, Maze Runner, Planet of the Apes, Hercules, Splinter Cell: Backlist (cinematic), Godzilla and Riddick. Beside his entertainment design works he also creates illustrations for such well-known ip-s as Star Wars, Dune, Warhammer and Cthullhu.

About the BOOK

THE Tutorial Artbook for Pre-production Design

Behind the Pixels’ story started as the first crowdfunded tutorial artbook on production design, what became a great success and the first edition was voted one of the 10 most inspirational art books of by Future Publishing.

The artbook focuses on the digital art process used in today`s growing entertainment industry covering all aspect of production art from sketches to finished concept design and marketing art. It includes 30+ tutorials, step-by-step walk-throughs and nearly 400 production artwork samples from 32 industry professionals from various segments of the industry (films, visual effects, games, animation, advertising and book illustration).

It can be an invaluable resource for any individual interested in any form of the constantly widening digital art scene, but even working professionals and media design schools would be able to use it to learn new techniques and methods from.


292 pages / A4 – 297 x 210 mm / Hardcover / English / Full color
ISBN: 9791096315154
Price: 50 € (tax incl.)

and if that wouldn’t be enough…


Get Mark Molnar’s Behind the Pixels 2.0 together with The Art of Pixoloid now and get a pack of limited signed prints and a pack of special goodies!

The Art of Pixoloid is the first published book of The Pixoloid Studios. The creative team already served great clients like Universal, Paramount,  Netflix, National Geographic, Lionsgate just to mention a few.

The book showcases a selection of their professional projects on a variety of fields of the entertainment industry (including character and creature designs, environments and set design, keyframe illustrations for films and games) as well as experimental personal work from the studio members.

Pixoloid studios not only presents you 200+ pages worth of inspiring artwork, but you also get to learn about their workflow, gaining an insight on how they get from the earliest sketches all the way to the finished concepts.

Contributing Artists:
Mark Molnar, Gaspar Gombos, David Metzger, Janos Gardos, Zsolt ‘Mike’ Szabados, Orsolya Villanyi

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