Celtic Faeries

The art of Jean-Baptiste Monge.

Couverture Celtic Fairies, The secret kingdom de Jean-Baptiste Monge.

Book in english – A French version will be available in 2022

A man with an overflowing imagination

The fantasy and Faery creatures of Jean-Baptiste Monge have been thrilling us for more than 20 years. His impish Gnomes, his big-shnozzed Goblins, grumpy Trolls and mischievous Fairies followed him to Canada to continue their tremendous story. In a studio much too small for his liking, Jean-Baptiste works on his personal projects and on the proper dissemination of his artwork with his partner Margo, under the infernal yoke of his two cats, Minus and Banana. Meanwhile, he also divides his time between different animation studios where his talent is put to good use as a Character Designer and Visual Development Artist.

Photo de Jean-Baptiste Monge.

Jean-Baptiste Monge

Extrait de Celtic Fairies de Jean-Baptiste Monge : des gnomes érudits et travailleurs.

The Secret Kingdom

Come with me! To the edge of the Invisible World, to the fringe of the dark, lush forests from our childhood, to the core of the enchanting valleys of our earliest excitement, down to the deepest of moors and bogs, while time keeps accomplishing its insidious task!

Come with me! Forever and ever along the adventurous trails of Dreamland!

Come with me! As the mists of dusk stretch over the land and the moon rises high, all plump and glistening. Run around the Faerie hills nine times counter-clockwise, take one step forward and…

…Come on in!

About the book

This book was launched on Kickstarter as a crowdfunding campaign in 2016, and was very successful! If you want more information, you can click here: Kickstarter.

Since the end of the campaign (December 2016), the book has experienced setbacks and was finally released in the summer of 2019 (hurray!).

Today’s version is in English, but the book will be printed in French in 2021.

Celtic Faeries – The Secret Kingdom is the best seller of Jean-Baptiste Monge.
Dive in the fantastic universe of Little Folks of Scotland, follow the Irish creatures through the green land. Discover tales and illustrations that Jean-Baptiste Monge wrote and painted to make this beautiful and magical world yours.

Extrait de Celtic Fairies, The secret kingdom de Jean-Baptiste Monge. Un gnome à dos de mulot (ou souris ?) !
Celtic Fairies de Jean-Baptiste Monge : une roulotte tirée par un cochon.

The book

Celtic Faeries is a collection of stories and annotations that I’ve written, created, or sometimes refashioned from Victorian-era texts, about the fairytale creatures who populate the folklore of the “little” Celtic mythology. We are not concerned here with the ancient gods, but rather with the little folk and their magic.

The book is filled with full-color illustrations, and presented in a somewhat encyclopedic format, though by no means an exhaustive one. Within its pages, you will discover creatures that are funny, impish, mischievous, or grumpy in the extreme, as well as enchanting creatures of great beauty, some with diaphanous wings, and others that are just plain endearing. But beware: in Faerie, looks are often deceiving. Stay on your toes, for here, the line between good and evil is a veil so fine that a simple whisper in the air is sometimes enough to tear it.

In this book, you will find descriptions of the nature of Faeries, their connection to the animal world and, of course, some hints on the places they frequent, as well as the different ways to spot them, lure them, and keep them for your very own…


  • Hardcover

  • 148 pages

  • Color

  • Foreword by GUILLERMO DEL TORO, interlude by IAIN McCAIG and afterword by PAUL TOBIN

  • Languages: English (available now) and French (2022)

  • Dimensions: 25 x 33 cm

  • ISBN: Éditions Goblin’s way 9782981528919 (English version)

  • Price: 60€

Celtic Fairies de Jean-Baptiste Monge : un gnome voyage à dos de raton-laveur.
Celtic Fairies de Jean-Baptiste Monge : un gnome et

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Book in English – A French version will be available in 2022