About Daniel Daya Landerman

“I have always had a love for sketches. I’d be lying if I said some of that didn’t stem from impatience, but it’s also the freshness of the marks and the artist’s hand that is so evident in the choices. What to show, what to hide and what to imply just enough to let the viewer’s imagination find its own path. That’s what has always fascinated me. Even with artists whose finished work I love, I make an effort to seek out their sketches and doodles. Insights into how they solve problems and build worlds. […] And so I hope you enjoy the little journeys and the epic adventures penciled and inked and painted within this collection. And I hope they might inspire you to seek adventures of your own.”

Spiridon Giannakis
Image de l'artLa guerre : des traditions tribales à Wonder Woman DC Comics.
Daya de Daniel Landerman. Dessins de femmes combattantes.

About the book

The book contains 368 pages, and will have a hardcover in format A4 printed on 150g silky paper and it will be available as a regular edition but also with a slipcase (for the Kickstarter backers only!). It will contain Daniel’s sketches mostly but also finished artworks and concepts. The book contains explicit nudity and is made for an adult audience.

Image de l'artbook Daya de Daniel Landerman. Femmes mystqiues : du pouvoir et des sorts.
Image de l'artbook Daya de Daniel Landerman. Femmes mystiques.
Image de l'artbook Daya de Daniel Landerman. Guerrières nues.

Image de l'artbook Daya de Daniel Landerman. Le livre avec son coffret.

Slipcase Edition

Image de l'artbook Daya de Daniel Landerman. Une guerrière et son dragon.


The crowdfunding campaign for Daya has been launched on Kickstarter on the 9th of July, 2020 and ended on the 8th of August! Thank you to everyone who participated! 🙂

If you’d still like to hear more about the campaign, it’s right below!

Now that the crowdfunding campaign is over, the book is available as a preorder on our website!