Rembert Montald

The reflection of a face in a window, a woman in a train, the last pink flamingo flying away in the sunset… Rembert Montald has captured the essence of all these things in Figured Out… 

This beautiful 224 pages book bears witness to five years of passionate work. It is a true journey through his memories, captured with an intensity that not even a photo could reveal, according to Rembert.

The artist

Rembert Montald is a gifted illustator. A worthy successor of Kim Jung Gi, he carries us through the pages of his sketchbooks, to the depths of his unleashed imagination which he transcribes with evident mastery. Being an avid traveller, and having resided in Belgium, Croatia and  the USA. Rembert is always ready to hop on a plane to bring back images inspired from all over the world, to our great pleasure. His wife, Mariel, plays a central role in this book since she is his major inspiration.

Rembert’s word

Finally, it has arrived! This book truly reflects how I fill my sketchbooks because it has been filled with 100+ illustrations from binding to binding.
I always loved books with so many drawings in it that when every time you open it, you discover something new.
This has been a big project, and I’m so happy to finally share it with all of you!:)

Rembert Montald in video !

Get to know Rembert Montald more through Proko TV ‘s videos. Proko TV is a YouTube channel belonging to Stan Prokopenko, an artist and teacher who shares educational videos about art.

18min40 video

Rembert Montald leads you through his book as well as his sketchbooks, sharing his artistic process and what he thinks about his own work. He speaks about everything: drawings of his characters, his childhood memories and his drawing techniques, especially in terms of gesture and anatomy.

14min45 video

32min video

Learn how he uses his drawings to explore new ideas, and how his drawings eventually led him to be hired by Riot Games !

17min video


● 24.3 x 19 cm / 9.4 x 7.4 inches
● Hardcover
● 224 pages – Colors
● No text
● ISBN : 9782382891100
● 30€

A word from the editor

I met Rembert for the first time on the 6th of September, 2015 (There is even a photo ^^). It was at a festival in Brussels. At this time, I was very surprised by the quality of his work despite his young age. And you know what? Since then, he has become even better ! Now, I am so happy that Caurette Editions is publishing his first ever sketchbook and I know that it won’t be his last!

Jean-Christophe Caurette

Figured Out, available on our great website, Liberdistri !