Couverture'artbook Gürlz de Serge Birault : des femmes trop cools avec des armes

A word about Serge Birault

Serge Birault aka Papa Ninja is an art director based in Montréal, currently working at Meduzarts. Previously he worked for Warner Brothers, Sony, Ubisoft, Eidos, Netflix, and more. His previous artbook ‘Corpus Delicti’ which featured his more rendered style, has been an international success.

Serge Birault is an illustrator, character designer, and sometimes art director. He worked in many different fields like video games, animation, web design, editorial illustrations, advertising, or teaching. He did very long and useless law studies but he doesn’t regret anything because it was fun (in some way …). He’s got a weird obsession for cephalopods, women with giant weapons, and loud music. Perhaps it means something very deep but probably not … Serge is French (nobody’s perfect) but he lives in Montreal, Canada, with his wife Chloé, his two kids, and Lemmy, his basset hound.

Gürlz : une femme et un robot en road-trip post-apo.
Gürlz : une femme, un licenciement, et une très grosse arme.
Gürlz : une femme dans les (nombreux) bras d'une pieuvre, et du vin.
Gürlz : Funny how real men run away.
Gürlz, un artbook avec que des filles super cools (et armées).


240 pages
Small English dialogues in illustrations
Paper: 170gr Munken Kristall Rough
Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm

Gürlz : une sirène rock et des méduses trop mignonnes.

Gürlz : une femme robot, branchée, qui fume une cigarette.
Gürlz : une bikeuse cyberpunk, sa moto, des armes.
Gürlz : une femme s'approche d'un homme-chien attaché (heureusement).


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