The Age of the Succubus

A Photography Book by Nona Limmen

A word from the author

“My first photography book The Age of the Succubus is almost here! This book is a tribute to the old beliefs, to female empowerment and the collective unconscious. The inspiration behind the title and theme? Lilith. There are so many legends and stories around this mystical character. She’s been an inspiration to me for years, and has subconsciously played a huge role in my creative work. She rebelled against being subservient, not out of defensiveness, but out of a place of self-worth.

Lilith became the archetype of the deviant woman -a scapegoat for the inexplicable wrongs of the world; the original Succubus. The protagonists in this book all show similarities with the Succubus. They are creatures born of local folk tales, my personal experiences & dreams, readings and memories.

They represent what I have always wanted to be; independent, courageous, unapologetic, sexual, and wild, refusing to conform to the mold of appearance and behaviour expected of them.

The book itself will contain a collection of work I’ve created over the last nine years. My vision for this photo book is to create a statement that will challenge, trigger, and inspire the reader to help them discover paths to unbridled freedom and strength, to overcome limitations, and to find comfort in darkness.

There are still many stories left untold, and many more realms of menace, mystery and magic to explore. I hope you join me in this adventure, and enjoy what I have prepared for you during lockdown”

About Nona Limmen

Dutch photographer Nona Limmen is based in Amsterdam, but her marvellous analogue photos capture visions of a vast, mystical world nebulously bordering our own. This mysterious land, woven of dreams and memories, is inhabited by powerful women, liminal creatures wielding arcane forces so great they sometimes fracture their own very being

Nona Limmen
Nona Limmen

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