Remains of the Journey

Jörg Asselborn


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Jörg Asselborn

About the author

Jörg Asselborn, born in 1972, studied design and specialized in illustration. Today, he lives with his family in Wiesbaden (Germany) and works for a design studio. He is without a doubt a most talented watercolor and urban-sketch artist who dares sometimes to refer to himself as an illustrator.

His sketchbooks are always by his side, even on holiday or for day trips. In his work you can find what has caught his attention and what he has thought worthy of recording: assorted buildings, cars, boats and other objects, great and small. Each picture telling its own tale or sharing its sensitivity. Strangely, each object always seems a little worn, broken, used or forgotten.

These illustrations are usually done on the spur of the moment. Which doesn’t detract him from creating personal worlds, inspired by other drawings, photos or quite simply his memories while sat drawing.


With Jörg Asselborn, lines and colours dance in perfect harmony to capture the beauty of the places he visits. The unique perspective afforded by his brushes lets you see things you would otherwise overlook. A majestic fireplace, the curvature of a wooden framed house, a magnificent submarine – each picture endowed with a life of its own.

Jörg Asselborn is a tireless traveller and talented watercolour illustrator. Wherever he goes he is never without his brushes and sketches whenever he can. His work exudes a finesse and acute sense of detail that it is almost filmic. This book reveals some of the very best work from his journeys around the world (from Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Netherlands). From time to time he paints imaginary places too – just for a bit of fun!

Ce qui reste du voyage de Jorg Asselborn, dessin d'un ancien moulin.
Dessin du Seckenberg Museum.



128 pages

Full Colour

Dimensions : 29.7 x 21 cm

ISBN : 9791096315987 (EN)

9791096315994 (DE)

RRP:  25 €

Release Date: Early 2022

Dessin des maisons de la Rua Nova Alfandega, à Porto.

Availability :

Early 2022 in all good bookstores throughout the UK, Ireland and Germany!
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