Geek-Art & Caurette: a shared passion

It’s been more than ten years since started sharing with its readers the work of artists, graphic designers, illustrators, painters, sculptors, all of whom inspired by imaginary worlds, with one goal in mind: connecting art and pop culture.

When these artists, from all backgrounds, take a hold of our favorite fictional worlds, news artistic perspectives are open to us. Cinema, literature, comic books, manga, video games, TV series: every artist draws, directly or indirectly, from these never-ending sources that are the cultures of the imaginary.

Geek-Art offers to pop culture fans the possiblity to dive into the world of art, and to fans of art the possibility to dive into pop culture. Let’s just say that our paths were meant to cross!

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A match made in heaven…

REJOICE! Today is the day Geek-Art and Caurette get together to delight all the art fans out there! We are proud to finally launch our Time Limited Art Prints (TALP for short) collection! We didn’t come up with the idea, but let us explain how it works: instead of printing a fixed number of posters and then sell them in only a few minutes, we’ll put an art print on sale for a few days and then print however many were sold during said timeframe. That way, no need to stress out if you have a slow Internet connection or if you are not available in the minutes following the launch of the print. Everyone can get their hand on a copy!

All art prints will be numbered according to the number of sold copies and provided with a signed certificate by the artist.

The artists we’ll be working with are thoroughly picked by Geek-Art and we trust them entirely. These time-limited art prints will be numbered depending on how many you guys will order. We’ll then be in charge of mailing your posters and we’ll send them, as we usually do, with all the care they deserve.

… and a first TALP stunning as ever!

We start things off on the right foot with this stunning art print by Mathieu Bablet (Adrastée, Shangri-La, Carbone et Silicium) called The Bath House (or in French: Le Palais des Bains), inspired by the wonderful world of Spirited Away from the Studios Ghibli.

The poster comes in an “oversized” format of 61 x 91 cm / 24 x 36 inches and will be printed on a beautiful art paper! These dimensions will allow you to frame your print very easily by going to a famous scandinavian furniture store (for example).

This Time Limited Art Print will be available from Friday, July 16th at 6PM (Central Europe Time, UTC+2). The sale will last until Monday, July 19th, at 6PM as well.

The shipments will take place during August (in reinforced cardboard tubes), and we will of course take all the usual care that we put in sending our books. All packages will be tracked (as long as your country allows for tracking!)



  • 61 x 91 cm / 24 x 36 inches

  • 80 €

  • High quality offset printing on Fedrigoni design paper

  • Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity numbered and signed by the author

What about if you’re a bookseller?

No worries if you are a bookseller, you can obviously get your art print too! You just need to order before the end of the sale (Monday 07.19 at 6PM). After that, we won’t be able to take any more orders.