One girl. One robot. Lots of troubles.


The Future is never easy!

KILIWATCH is a collection of short stories starring Kiliwatch, a tenacious character with a strong personality and Banjo, robot by profession… These two adventurers from a not too distant future have an innate gift to find themselves in troublesome situations that they manage to escape from thanks to easy solutions… That often involve a lot of spiteful remarks and a little help from their big guns!

A chip off the old block

Kiliwatch, the unlikely daughter of John Wayne and Tank Girl, reminds you of a western on acid, where the bad guys are as stupid as they are mean, where the artificial intelligences can be heavily armed but still have to deal with the problems of aging or the small concerns of everyday life, and where video games can hide quite a few surprises.

Created by Eric HERENGUEL in the early 2000’s, KILIWATCH was first published in the magazine EKLLIPSE, then in Lanfeust Mag and now she’s coming back in the spotlight under the pens and pencils of a whole team of scriptwriters and comic artists.

Eric HERENGUEL … and Friends !

Eric HERENGUEL is a comic artist well known by the fans thanks to his numerous comic books where he broaches various subjects. From Balade au Bout du Monde, to Ulysse 1781, as well as the Lanfeust’s universe, Edward John TrewlaneyKrän or Lune d’Argent sur Providence, Eric HERENGUEL knows how to develop artistic universes that are fantastic and profuse.

At the helm of KILIWATCH, he was joined by a team of talents such as:

  • Emmanuel BAZIN (drawings)

  • Tom GOBART (script)

  • Gene HA (illustration)

  • Jung Gi KIM (cover)

  • Sébastien LAMIRAND (colors)

  • Boin LEE (illustration)

  • Jerome LEFEVERE (script)

  • Laurent LIBESSART (drawings)

  • MIG (drawings)

  • Mika (colors)

  • Thim MONTAIGNE (drawings)

  • Jae Kwang PARK (drawings)

  • Julen RIBAS (drawings)

  • Ludovic SOUILLARD (drawings)

  • Sébastien VASTRA (illustration)


  • Hardcover, selective varnish

  • 80 pages

  • Dimensions: 27,7 x 19,7 cm / 500 gr.

  • ISBN: 9791096315024

  • Price: 18 €


Kiliwatch is available on LiberDistri or at your favourite bookstore!



What is it?

The Blank Cover is a limited collector’s version of KILIWATCH: same contents, but one big bonus!

The cover is made from a drawing paper, allowing artists who participated in the book to draw one original cover. This cover has a certain price: 50€ for a black and white drawing, and 100€ for a color drawing, in addition to the price of the book. The sum is directly sent to the author!

You can also choose to get the collector’s version still blank, so that you can draw what you want on it, for 35€.

That is quite a beautiful publication, original and customizable.

How does that work?

If you want to treat yourself to an original cover drawn by one of the artists, nothing is simpler.

On LiberDistri, you have the choice between three different “versions” of the Blank Covers:

  • The ‘simple one’, for 35€: the cover stays blank and you’re free to draw what you want to!

  • The ‘N&B’, for 85€: this book has a black and white cover drawn by the artist of your choice that participated to the book (except for Kim Jung Gi*). Please specify which artist you want your cover from when you order!

  • The ‘couleur’, for 135€: this book has a color cover drawn by the artist of your choice that participated to the book (except for Kim Jung Gi*). Once again, please specify which artist you want your cover from when you order!

*An original cover by Kim Jung Gi has a definite price. If you’re interested in one, please contact us!