Dave Coverly

Speed Bump de Dave Coverly, un excellent cadeau pour papa (fête des pères). Humour d'hiver avec les bonhommes de neige.

Cartoon humour…

Speedbump is a collection of cartoon panels created by Dave Coverly which depicts our society from the most ironic, weird and awkward point of view! As the author himself said: “If life was a movie, these would be the outtakes”. Today, these outtakes are published every day in more than 400 newspapers, including The Washington Post, The New Yorker, The Globe and Mail or the Chicago Tribune.

The Author

Extremely popular on the internet where his drawings bring him a huge following and never before translated into French… but this monumental error has been remedied! So discover Dave Coverly with this first book: SPEED BUMP – Non-sens unique! Today, these cartoons appear daily in over 400 papers including the Washington Post, Globe & Mail, Chicago Tribune and the New Yorker.

Photo de l'auteur Dave Coverly.
Speed Bump de Dave Coverly, un excellent cadeau pour papa (fête des pères). Humour de pirate.

Our View

Dave Coverly is a newspaper cartoonist, but he is above all a sharp observer of our day to day, in much the same vain as Gary Larson (The Far Side).

A series of the very best newspaper cartoons

The team at Caurette are (mega) proud to present our new series: Pressed Humour.
“Pressed” because these are cartoons that you find published in the Press, and because the principle of these one-panel gags is their rapid consumption.

Ironic, absurd, wacky or cynical, the illustrations in this series continue the same vain as classics like Gary Larson’s The Far Side. So it is with two of the most popular American Press cartoonists that we’re kicking off the series.

We’ll be publishing 4-6 series titles per year.

Collection humour pressé, des petites bandes dessinées humoristiques.



  • 64 pages

  • 280 x 220 mm

  • Full Colour

  • Language: French

  • Paperback

  • Speed Bump – T1:  Non-sens unique /  ISBN 9791096315369 / 9,90€

Couverture de la bd humoristique Speed Bump Capillotracté, tome 2, de Dave Coverly.

SpeedBump Tome 2 : Capillotracté (2020 – à paraître)


  • 128 pages

  • 140 x 140 mm

  • Full Colour

  • Language: French

  • Paperback

  • Speed Bump – T2:  Capillotracté  / ISBN 9791096315413 / 9€