Here’s how we work:

  • The Editions Caurette ( publish books under the label “franco-belge”, either as Artist’s Editions (Valérian – Les Oiseaux du Maître or Métro Châtelet Direction Cassiopée, for example), as Creations (Kiliwatch, by Eric Hérenguel) or as Translations for the foreign marketplaces (Steve McCurry, by Kim Jung-Gi)
  • The Editions SuperAni publish books from Asian authors, primarily sketchbooks, and their most emblematic representative would be the Korean artist Kim Jung Gi (, who’s renowned for his capacity to draw vast frescos freehand, with no preparatory work.
  • Finally, we also started an online distribution platform: Its role is to distribute the books previously listed, but also various books that were hard to find through conventional ways because they were published at the author’s expense, they were out of stock, or they were financed through a crowdfunding and then not distributed, etc… For example, you’ll find on this website various sketchbooks by Claire Wendling, as we are her importers for Europe, as well as rare books from Jeffrey Jones, sold out books from J. Scott Campbell, the series Naturellement by Julie M….

As bookstore owners, you obviously benefit from a privileged access to our distribution platform!

If you’re interested by our books, you can order them by email or by phone, at this number: 09 52 06 36 04 (or +33 (0)9 52 06 36 04 in case you’re calling from outside of France); a faster way is to create an account on the website and to inform us of it: we will then change your account to “Bookseller” mode, which will allow you to benefit from discounts and appropriate shipping conditions.

We are also in the databases of Electre and Dilicom, and we mail orders through Chronopost, DPD or Prisme.

Enjoy your visit on LiberDistri!