About our next publications!

Since we published the new edition of Frezzato's Guardians of the Maser, and Armel Gaulme's BESTiary, we have been working on some new projects. When it comes to Valerian, we are working on the Artist Edition of Brooklyn Station Terminus Cosmos by Christin and Mézières. This one is the sequel to Métro Châtelet, which is still available on [...]

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But, by the way… What are the Editions Caurette?!

The Editions Caurette are a publishing house founded by Jean-Christophe Caurette and based in the East of France. We specialize in various activities surrounding comic books, such as the publishing of: Artist's Editions "Classic" French-Belgian comic books Sketchbooks We have the opportunity (and the luck!) to work with many talented artists, such as Pierre Christin [...]

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The website is now available in English! Just click on the flag in the top right-hand corner to switch languages; the content stays the same, only the language changes :)

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La maison d’édition s’agrandit (encore) !!

Apparemment, il suffit d'ouvrir un mur pour avoir des locaux plus grands ! Et oui, les Editions Caurette prennent de plus en plus d'espace :) Nos activités d'éditions et de distribution deviennent de plus en plus importantes et nous commencions déjà à nous sentir à l'étroit... Résultat, on envahit le bâtiment !   PS: nous [...]

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