But, by the way… What are the Editions Caurette?!

The Editions Caurette are a publishing house founded by Jean-Christophe Caurette and based in the East of France. We specialize in various activities surrounding comic books, such as the publishing of: Artist's Editions "Classic" French-Belgian comic books Sketchbooks We have the opportunity (and the luck!) to work with many talented artists, such as Pierre Christin [...]

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The website is now available in English! Just click on the flag in the top right-hand corner to switch languages; the content stays the same, only the language changes :)

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La maison d’édition s’agrandit (encore) !!

Apparemment, il suffit d'ouvrir un mur pour avoir des locaux plus grands ! Et oui, les Editions Caurette prennent de plus en plus d'espace :) Nos activités d'éditions et de distribution deviennent de plus en plus importantes et nous commencions déjà à nous sentir à l'étroit... Résultat, on envahit le bâtiment !   PS: nous [...]

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