AWD XL Black

Ashley WOOD

Pre-orders will start on Wednesday, February 24th!

Did you say XL BLACK?

Caurette Editions are sooooo happy to announce a partnership with Ashley Wood: yes, we are talking about a new art book! It will be a large format (30 x 42 cm / 11 x 16,5 inches), hardcover, introducing for the first time a hundred  drawings in their original size, including many never-seen-before pieces.

You’ll mostly find black and white pieces (although they were printed in colors to be as close to the original as possible) in Ashley Wood’s inimitable style, combining grace, sensuality and humor.

 “ (…) I think the larger size provides te art with more presence and honesty. […] These drawings owe a heavy debt to Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt, as well as Japanese Shunga prints. I hope my drawings extol my love of the female form, just as theirs did.


Ashley Wood

Never heard about Ashley Wood? Allow us the pleasure of a small introduction: illustrator, painter, concept artist, comics writer, he worked as a freelance artist as well as for numerous prestigious clients like Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics.. etc. But don’t think that drawing is ‘all’ he can do! He also worked on well-known video games such as Metal Gear Solid by Konami, on movies (and tv shows), clothing lines and even better, a lot of great toys!

Let’s end this list by saying that two of his stories are currently being adapted for the screen: Popbot and World War Robot (bought by Disney and directed by Jerry Bruckheimer, no less!).

With such a background, Ashley Wood won a lot of awards: Spectrum Gold Award (twice), Award of excellence for illustration, Eisner Award, Eagle Award (trice), Designer Toy Award – Artist of the year 2011, etc…

If you’d like to know more about him, go check Wikipedia or his website.

A word from the author

This 30 x 42 cm / 11 x 16,5 inches book was a chance to share my drawings, ink drawings, (primarily in black ink, hence the name AWD XL BLACK). The drawings are printed at 1:1 scale or as close to their original scale as possible. There are a few examples that bust this codex, but I felt it made for a more interesting book.

Hopefully some of the nuances and details are clearer at this larger size. The drawings are presented in the state they were scanned, this was done to show victories and failures without the use of a computer to clean and fix.

I’m a firm believer that the art should deliver the message to the viewer, the relationship between the image and the audience is paramount. I won’t write much more, for I have no need to write a testimony or put up any kind of defense. Please enjoy spending some time in my world, a world you get to experience much closer than before when the art is presented in its original state and size.

I enjoy drawing this stuff, I hope you enjoy looking!


A great and exclusive bonus!

If you already know Ashley’s books and works, you also know  they’re collector pieces and hard to get your hands on! It’ll most likely be the same for this one as it is his first large format AND that the first 1000 copies will get an exclusive print, created especially for the occasion and signed by Ashley himself!

Take a look at his previous signed pieces on any browser and you should be convinced to pre-order his book asap! 😉

A super limited “Blank Cover” version!

The cherry on top? If you’re a collector, it’s possible to get one of the 50 original copies of a “blank cover” edition of the book. The inside pages of these 50 copies are exactly the same as the ones from a “standard” edition but the cover is made of drawing blank paper on which Ashley Wood will draw an original cover!

For 600 € (tax. incl.) you’ll be able to own a large format art book, numbered and signed and an original piece of the artist at the same time! It’s not cheap but rare enough 🙂


  • Hardcover art book

  • XL format: 30 x 42 cm / 11 x 16,5 inches

  • Square hot-stamped cloth spine

  • 100 color pages

  • Printed on a deluxe Fedrigoni 170g paper

  • Exclusive print signed by Ashley WOOD with the first 1000 copies!

  • Custom-made packaging

  • Insured and tracked delivery

  • Availability: mars 2021 for the standard version, later in 2021 for the blank covers

  • ISBN : 979-10-96315-88-8

  • Price: 100 €


Pre-orders for AWD XL Black will start on our online bookshop LiberDistri on Wednesday,  February 24th at :

  • 09:00 USA West Coast

  • 12:00 USA East Coast

  • 17:00 UK

  • 18:00 Central Europe: France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc..

  • 01:00 China, West Australia (that’ll be Thursday 25th !)

  • 02:00 Seoul (that’ll be Thursday 25th !)

Shipping will start in March 2021

Blank covers will be shipping later during 2021, as A.W. draws them… please be patient, this might take a while (and moreover, the books have to go back and forth to Australia!) 🙂

Pre-orders will start on Wednesday, February 24th!

Video presentation of the book (3 min.)

Sneak Peek!

(20 first pages)