Valerian & Laureline, spatiotemporal agents

Valerian… is back!

After the success of the Birds of the Master, Caurette Editions are continuing to publish giant-sized new editions of the legendary Valerian books, printed using a facsimile of the original pages.

Released in 1980, Châtelet Station, Direction Cassiopeia is another turning point in the Valerian and Laureline adventure series. As Laureline is exploring the cosmos, Valerian is confronted with the end of the 80’s on Earth… Meaning the everyday life of readers when this volume came out!!


Some context…

Châtelet Station, Direction Cassiopeia is the 9th volume of the adventures of Valerian. Published in the French magazine Pilote Mensuel in 1980, it’s the beginning of a somptuous diptych where Pierre Christin will deploy all of his talent as a scriptwriter to take us from the Earth to the Moon to Cassiopeia through a complex and delightful plot. It’s also the first volume of the series where the action is taking place exactly at the same period as it was written: the 80’s; this allows us to all the more appreciate Jean-Claude Mézières’ incredible talent for the art of narration and drawing. Halfway between the end of the 30-year post-war boom and the problems on planet Zomuk, the Adventure is back, for our greatest pleasure!

Widescreen Adventure!

The goal of Caurette Editions, with its collection Retour aux Sources, is to give readers an opportunity to discover the mysteries behind the inspiration and creation of legendary comic books, such as the magnificent Valerian!

Thanks to the precious help of Jean-Claude Mézières, Pierre Christin and the diligent efforts of dedicated collectors from all over Europe, we were able to find almost 90% of the original pages more than 40 years after their creation! These pages were then scanned and digitalized in 1-4 colours by Dargaud Editions (with many thanks to them too!), in order to preserve the full integrity of the details that usually disappear during the printing process: pencil strokes, correction fluid…

The pages that we were unable to find were reproduced from black and white films of the printed book then layered on the same paper the artist used at the time. We really want to thank Philippe POIRIER for his incredible work. He took care of the layout, and so many other things, surpassing all expectations, ultimately achieving the wonderful result we have today!

Exclusive Extras

We had the distinct privilege and pleasure to interview the authors. This rare opportunity has allowed us to add twelve pages describing the historical context of the story and provided many personal anecdotes regarding the creation process!

We also integrated amazing original documents (photographs, sketches, and more). Most of them are rare and have never been published before!

Finally, as the unexpected icing on the cake, Jean-Claude Mézières and Pierre Christin accepted to sign this exceptional work !!

Documents d'époque

Planche surprise

An exquisite separate print

In addition, there is an exceptional separate print within the book: a facsimile of a page, 1-4 colours printed (40 x 50 cm) and drawn by Jean-Claude Mézières.

This print is the closest reproduction of the original work, composed of two half-pages taped by the illustrator.

But which pages?

That’s a surprise..!


Jean-Claude Mézières managed to find the original script of Châtelet Station, Direction Cassiopeia and we published it


Châtelet Station, Direction Cassiopeia is available on our online platform or at your favorite bookstore!



  • Giant-sized book: 35 x 47 cm! (13.7 x 18.5 inches)
  • Limited edition of 499 copies, numbered and signed by the authors
  • Hardcover, printed with metallic ink and gloss lamination
  • Back canvas with silver hot stamping
  • Cover pages with silver print-in perforation pattern
  • Full color printing of the original pages
  • 25 extra pages, including 12 pages full of exclusive pictures, a bonus interview with the authors (in French) and many panels never published before
  • 80 pages printed on luxurious Fedrigoni 170g paper, signatures sewn with an endband to reinforce the structural integrity of the spine
  • Comes with a real-sized replica print (40 x 50 cm) of an original page
  • Protective package designed specifically to shield and protect the book
  • ISBN : 979-10-96315-04-8
  • Price: 195 €

By way of conclusion…

Over the last 50 years, the plates from various Valerian‘s volumes were either offered, sold, exchanged, lent, lost… Consequently, it is sometimes quite difficult to get a hold of them!

We are therefore looking tirelessly for them, in order to offer our readers a volume that will be as close to the original as possible. If you are in possession of one yourself, or if you know collectors who possess such treasures, we would be thrilled (and grateful !!) if you contacted us 🙂