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Jean-Christophe Caurette

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Editions Caurette
Editions Caurette
Enter the realms of Raphaël Lacoste and wander through his artbook: Worlds
Worlds is a great selection of personal illustrations, mood paintings and sketches created by the artist over a fifteen year period. It includes iconic work from Assassin's Creed, artwork for fantasy and science fiction book covers, and concept art and paintings for Hollywood movies.
Available on in selected bookstores and LiberDistri. (link in bio)

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Entrez dans les mondes de Raphaël Lacoste et voyagez dans son artbook: Worlds.
L’artiste nous offre une sélection de ses travaux de ces quinze dernières années, allant des plus iconiques (Assassin’s Creed) à des illustrations personnelles en passant par des couvertures de livres de fantasy ou de science-fiction (Bragelonne, Random House, Thor Books…), du concept-art ou des décors de films.
Disponible en librairie et sur LiberDistri. (lien en bio)

Editions Caurette
Editions Caurette
✨New artbook out today!✨

We are ecstatic to present Instants, the latest collection of delectable illustrations from famed artist, Julie Mellan! Her incredible drawings reveal a rare and sublime ability to delightfully anthropomorphise our earthly furry companions (and one reptile to show off!).
Available exclusively online (link in bio), at a specially reduced shipping rate. This fantastic book contains a foreword by highly esteemed @loicjouannigot.

Order now and receive a bonus, a personally signed A5 print! Whoo Hoo! Gorgeous!

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Editions Caurette
Editions Caurette
As always we are absolutely fascinated with @joergasselborn 's incredible vacation sketchbook! ☀️
You can find his artbook, Remains of the Journey, a compilation of his very best work from his journeys around the world, on LiberDistri (link in bio).

Comme toujours nous sommes fascinés par les carnets de voyage de @joergasselborn ! ☀️
Retrouvez son artbook qui reproduit des morceaux choisis de ses périples à travers le monde, sur LiberDistri et en librairie (lien en bio).

Posted @withregram@joergasselborn A summer vacation snippet of some Dolmen (prehistoric stone graves), near Le Bernard, where we made an overnight stop on a hidden parking lot in the middle of nowhere. But France wouldn‘t be France if it hadn‘t at least some kind of tiny treasure to present you, even in nowhere. Be it food, people, landscape or, in this case, some prehistoric remains to be sketched.
Editions Caurette
Editions Caurette
When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
Editions Caurette
Editions Caurette
We’re very happy to be in Poland at the Promised Land Art Festival, with great artists such as Peter Han, Björn Hurri and Bastien Lecouffe Deharme… come say hi if you’re around 😀
Editions Caurette
Editions Caurette
Waf waf waf ! 🐾

Rejoignez-nous pour une balade pleine d’aventures avec Rosie et ses amis à quatre pattes dans notre nouvel album jeunesse “On va se promener ?!”.
David Ziggy Greene nous emmène à la rencontre de nos meilleurs amis, les chiens, avec beaucoup d’humour et de perspicacité ! Qui est Team Chien par ici ? ☝️

Disponible dès maintenant en librairie et sur notre librairie en ligne, LiberDistri.