Even Mehl Amundsen

Couverture du sketchbook Decade d'Even Mehl Amundsen.

Even Mehl Amundsen

About the author

Even Mehl Amundsen is a freelance concept artist from Norway who has worked for studios like Karakter, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Riot, Axis Animation, Blur, Guerilla Games, Wizards of the Coasts, Volta Studios, Ubisoft and many more. Besides that he has been working on his own world shown in TEGN. He travels a lot, teaching what he has learned in workshops and giving advice to newcomers. He is also teaching his process and approach through YouTube videos and his Patreon account.

1500 pages of sketches

After the very successful TEGN trilogy we are thrilled to present this amazing sketchbook by Even Mehl Amundsen. Decade features a selection of his work from among 1500 pages of personal sketchbook work, that he did between 2009 and 2019.

Croquis d'orcs et de nains, issus du sketchbook Decade



300 pages

Full Colour / B&W

Dimensions : 16 x 21 cm

Distribution by Turnaround UK

ISBN : 9791096315642

RRP :  £33.99

Release Date: July 2020