It happened on Sunday January 23rd 2022, early (god knows he liked to start his days early). Jean-Claude Mézières has gone to reach the stars, the same stars he so brilliantly drew for more than 60 years.

For those who don’t know him, Jean-Claude Mézières was, amongst many other things, Valérian (and of course Laureline’s) unforgettable drawer.

He was also a cow-boy. A true one. Once you saw him on an old Super-8 film from the 60s, lassoing calves, you could only realize that, when Giraud-Mœbius took him as an inspiration for the endpaper of Blueberry, he was damn right to do so.

Jean-Claude was, above all, a friend who has gone and leaves behind a huge void.

Bon voyage JC, you really suck!

Jean-Christophe Caurette