And back to work we go!

Summer was great but we have plenty of projects that can’t wait!😁

Yesterday, we celebrated the arrival of two of our books in French bookstores:

Worlds by an internationaly claimed master of concept art, Raphaël Lacoste. We owe him the visuals of a small, not very well-known video game… Assassin’s Creed! Anyone?

This book is the perfect collection of wonderfully drawn landscapes, straight from the artist’s imagination. Some were used for sci-fi book covers, others are from the many video games on which Raphaël has exercised his style, but Worlds also includes plenty of exclusive content, so don’t miss out!

This second version, close to the first 2018 edition, is THE perfect gift for concept art and video games amateurs (just sayin’…).

The Julien Delval Book Set, which was made possible thanks to a Ulule crowdfunding campaign, showcases some of the artist’s best works. Well-known for his mythology and fantasy inspired paintings, Julien Delval’art is perfectly represented in this book bundle.

The Monography, also sold separately, is like an art exhibition condensed in a book! The second volume, les Études, helps to understand how the author comes up with such beautiful illustrations. Overall, this book set opens the doors of Julien Delval’s workshop, allowing us enter the backstage of some of his most beautiful designs.

From the same author, as a perfect addition to the books set: a booklet of interviews (only in French) between Julien Delval and colleagues from the art world, as well as a set of two notebooks, half-filled with pictures from the Monography.

Click here to discover all of Julien Delval’s world(s).