As you know it, Los ángeles is funded on crowdfunding platforms… and we nailed it!

We are glad to announce that, after 2 weeks of campaign, we raised more than 50 000 € on both platforms. It’s huge! In fact, we lead two campaigns simultaneously on two websites: Kickstarter for the English version and KissKissBankBank for the French and English one.

Today, we already have more than 480 people supporting our project, excited to receive the book and even more, all the goodies released with the stretch goals: poster, prints, bookmarks and postcards… there will  be something for everyone and it’s far from being over!

If the early bird packs are not available on Kickstarter anymore, you can still get one on KissKissBankBank! Deluxe edition, black and white or colored sketches, portfolio review… the most difficult part, just like at the restaurant, is making a choice!

Discover Sylvain Despretz, a gifted French storyboarder who works for the greatest movies and directors of Hollywood!

Crowdfunding campaigns will end on the 10th of July 2020!

Have a look at our Kickstarter and KissKissBankBank campaigns!

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