It is proving to be an exciting year for the team at Caurette. Last December we signed a deal with Turnaround UK to distribute our titles to stores and libraries around the UK and Ireland. Since then, despite our relative anonymity across the channel, British and Irish fans of illustration have gradually started to discover our roster of world-renowned author-artists. Sales and pre-orders have been growing consistently since January – and long may it continue!

However, like something out of Jaouen Salaun’s Dreambook, there is a troubling vision looming on the horizon: Brexit.

In fact, right after we began exporting books to the UK, our carrier announced that in order to deal with the extra paperwork associated with the UK leaving the EU they would be increasing their fees with immediate effect. They also warned us that shipping would start taking a little longer than usual. From January 2021, when the UK is finally cast adrift from the European project, we expect further disruption.

Tariffs? Possibly. French fishermen blocking the ports? It’s a fair bet. A giant gorilla running amok in Dover? OK, probably not.

So, with such an uncertain near-future, there’s never been a better time to order a Caurette title from your local UK/Ireland bookstore (or direct from Liberdistri where you’ll find all sorts of other illustration goodies too).

Order today before the Brex-shit hits the fan!